Agenda and minutes

Thursday, 3rd November, 2016 6.30 pm

Venue: Council Chamber, Penns Place, Petersfield, GU31 4EX. View directions

Contact: Penny Milne  Democratic Services Team Leader - 023 9244 6234

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The Chairman opened the meeting  with a short prayer.


Chairman's Announcements


The Chairman congratulated James Hassett and Craig Smith on their recent appointments as Executive Director, Operations and Chief Finance Officer respectively.


Apologies for Absence

To receive and record any apologies for absence.


Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Costigan, Cowper, Drew, L Evans, Hill, Millard, Orme, Noble, Saunders and Standish.


Declarations of Interest

To receive and record any declarations of interests from members present in respect of any of the various matters on the agenda for this meeting.


There were no declarations of interest from any of the members present.


Confirmation of Previous Minutes

To confirm the minutes of the meeting of the Council held on 22 September 2016, circulated separately


Proposed by Councillor Carew and seconded by Councillor Philips, it was


RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting of the Council held on 22 September 2016 be approved as a correct record.


Public Question Time (Standing Order 13.4(f)(i))

To deal with any public questions notified at least two clear working days before the meeting.


There were no public questions.


Appointment of Chief Financial Officer

RECOMMENDED to full Council that, in accordance with section 151 of the Local Government Act 1972, Mr Craig Smith be appointed as the Council’s Chief Finance Officer.


Proposed by Councillor Williams and seconded by Councillor Phillips, it was


RESOLVED that Craig Smith be appointed as the Council’s Chief Finance Officer.


Cabinet Recommendations

(A) East Hampshire Advertising Policy

To consider the following recommendation to Council arising from the meeting of the Cabinet held on 13 October 2016 (the agenda and reports for this meeting can be viewed via the following weblink):


RECOMMENDED to Council that the East Hampshire Advertising Policy be approved.


Councillor Mouldand presented a report and recommendation to Council arising from the Cabinet meeting held on 13 October, setting out a draft Advertising Policy to enable the selling of advertising in Council publications, online platforms, the Council, its property and its services.


Proposed by Councillor Mouland and seconded by Councillor Phillips, it was


RESOLVED that the East Hampshire Advertising Policy be approved.


Cabinet Led Briefings and Portfolio Reports to Council pdf icon PDF 123 KB

(A)         Fly Tipping

The  Council to receive a briefing from Councillor Butler, to debate the key issues and formulate a conclusion as appropriate.  This item will be taken in Committee mode and there will be no time limit for the debate.

(B)         Portfolio Reports to Council

To receive the written Portfolio Reports and deal with any questions arising (20 minutes for questions)


(A)         Cabinet-Led Debate – Fly Tipping

The Chairman invited Councillor Butler to introduce the second of a series of Cabinet-Led debates at Council, focused at this meeting on the issue of Fly Tipping in the District.  Natalie Meagher, the Council’s Head of Neighbourhood support, was invited to join the meeting as lead officer supporting Councillor Butler.


Councillor Butler gave a short briefing to Council highlighting issues associated with the illegal disposal of domestic, commercial and hazardous waste and the associated impact on public health and safety, liability implications for affected public and private landowners and the problems associated with identifying and prosecuting perpetrators.


            Councillor Butler reported that, following its recent public consultation on changes to waste and recycling services, Hampshire County Council would shortly be holding a series of workshops with local authority partners to take forward a fly tipping strategy as part of its wider review of domestic and non-domestic waste disposal and recycling.  In the meantime, it was reported that the County Council had decided to delay implementation of the changes to allow further work to be carried out.


Councillor Butler was keen to seek members’ input into the current debate and confirmed that any comments arising would be taken forward by the officers attending the HCC workshops on behalf of EHDC.   Key issues arising during the course of the debate included:


·         temporary suspension of disposal services for fridges/freezers at HCC waste/recycling centres;

·         collation and analysis of further data on fly tipping across the District;

·         raising public awareness on how to dispose of second hand electrical appliances that are not collected by retailers/manufacturers;

·         use of social media to raise public awareness and help identify potential fraudulent waste disposal contractors;

·         raise public awareness regarding illegal disposal of garden waste on the highway and public/private land;

·         legal and other issues associated with the use of camera equipment as an enforcement tool;

·         role of the Environment Agency and Forestry Commission

·         supporting farmers and landowners in tackling fly tipping on their land;

·         improving education and public awareness generally, to encourage waste disposal through authorised channels and support efforts to reduce illegal waste disposal.


(B)         Cabinet Portfolio Reports – Questions

(i)        In response to Councillor D Evans, Cllr Watts agreed to report back annually to Council on progress towards the delivery of Broadband targets by 2020;

(ii)          Councillor Abdey took the opportunity to endorse the Leader’s thanks, set out in his report to Council, to the outgoing Chief Finance Officer, Stuart McGregor, for his work in developing income, expenditure and contribution reports.


Questions under Procedural Order 23.4 (a)

(Notice of questions from Councillors must be given in writing at least 48 hours before the meeting)


There were no questions under Standing Order 23.4.


Questions under Procedural Order 23.4(b)

(Questions from Councillors relating to urgent business, of which notice has not been given under Procedural Order 23.4(a), to be received at least two hours prior to the start the meeting).


There were no urgent questions.


Motions Received under Procedural Order 14.1

(Motions from Councillors must be received six clear working days before the meeting)


There were no questions under notice.


Committee Minutes

To receive the minutes of the following Committees:


Planning Committee – 29 September 2016

Licensing Sub-Committee – 7 October 2016

Licensing Sub-Committee – 13 October 2016

Cabinet – 13 October 2016

Planning Committee – 20 October 2016

Community Forum (Whitehill, Bordon, Liphook, Headley, Grayshott, Lindford and Greatham) – 25 October 2016


The minutes of Committees held since the last meeting of the Council were received.