Agenda and minutes

Community Forum (Alton & Surrounding Villages)
Tuesday, 6th February, 2018 6.30 pm

Venue: Alton Maltings Centre - Maltings Close, Alton, Hants. GU34 1DT. View directions

Contact: Cynthia Haveron  Democratic Services Officer - 01730 234092

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Apologies for Absence

To receive apologies for absence.


Apologies for absence were received from Councillors D Ashcroft, E Brandt, K Carter and D Orme.


Confirmation of Minutes

Please note that it is helpful if Councillors could give advance notice, to Democratic Services, of any questions they wish to raise in respect of the Minutes.


Minutes of the previous meeting held on 31 October 2017, previously circulated.


The minutes of the meeting held on 31 October 2018 were agreed and signed as a correct record.


Chairman's Announcements

To receive any matters the Chairman wishes to report.


The Chairman:


·         Reminded those present that there was still time to apply to their local District Councillor for a Councillor Community Grant. The closing date for applications was 9 March 2018, although many Councillors had committed their grant money already;


·         Informed the Forum that a period of engagement would be taking place on the proposed new Community Facility on the Molson Coors Brewery site. There would a Alton Town Council Electors meeting taking place on 21 March 2018 at which people could learn more; and


·         The Local Government Boundary Commission for England, who had been reviewing the District Council boundaries had opened a new public consultation into the Alton boundaries. This consultation would close on 5 March 2018 and if people wished to comment they had until then to do so.



Declarations of Interest

To receive and record any declarations of interest from members present in respect of any of the various matters on the agenda for this meeting.


There were no declarations of interest.


Run, Hide, Tell: Community Resilience in the Event of a Terror Attack or Other Emergencies pdf icon PDF 1 MB

CitizenAID will give a presentation on remaining resilient in the event of a public emergency. Last year CitizenAID launched its safety campaign Run, Hide, Tell in the wake of incidents in London and Manchester, and will talk about how the public can remain resilient in emergency situations. 


Representatives from East Hampshire District Council and Hampshire County Council will also talk about local emergency response plans, followed by an opportunity for questions.


For Information


Additional documents:


The Chairman introduced Michelle Beasley, an Ambassador and Volunteer with CitizenAID, who gave a presentation on their Run, Hide & Tell Campaign and also advice on what people should do if caught up in an incident. (A copy of the presentation is attached as Appendix 1 to the minutes.)


In reply to a question about who funded CitizenAID it was confirmed that they were a Charity and that Queen Elizabeth Trust Hospital in Birmingham supported them.


CitizenAID were also developing a programme to take out to schools which would be in storybook format.


Erica Chisholm, Hampshire County Council Emergency Planning & Resilience Officer and Rebecca Mundy, East Hampshire District Council Safety & Emergency Planning Officer addressed the Committee (A copy of the presentation is attached as Appendix 2 to the minutes.)


They talked about Community Resilience and how both Councils looked at risks, what to do and how to minimise risks. A public version of the risk register was available and could be found on line.


The five high risks in the County were


·         Pandemic Flu

·         Flooding

·         Wide spread Electricity Failure

·         Industrial Accident

·         Terrorism


There was also a Household Emergency Action Plan which could be found on the website and this was a small booklet that could contain all the information for a family if they were to be suddenly evacuated from their home. Information could include insurance details, medication, telephone number of doctor.


Ms Mundy referred to Flood Action Groups, two were well established in East Hampshire at Rowlands Castle & Finchedean and Liss. The two areas were prone to flooding and had dedicated Flood Wardens and groups who had responsibility to check their areas and report back on any problems.


It was confirmed that the water companies were now becoming more engaged in working with the councils.


Cllr Joy explained that there was Flood Water Management Team at HCC who were in contact with all agencies including the water companies. Many concerns about flooding were being addressed but there was no overnight solution.


It was agreed that hard copies of information would be sent to local Councils.


Rebecca Mundy confirmed that she engaged with both Hampshire Association of Local Councils and East Hampshire Association of Town and Parish Councils and received an invitation to attend a meeting of the local one. In addition, she had held workshops with the local parish and town councils in 2016 which had been well attended. She thought that an article in the district Councils Partners magazine would also be a good idea.


They confirmed that the website was



Public Question Time

Members of the public are invited to ask questions on general matters affecting the local community.


If your question is not answered at the meeting then the Democratic Services Team will try to answer your question within 10 working days of the meeting.  The answer will be included in the next agenda.


Four Marks Parish Council – Developer Contributions


Concern was raised that two outstanding payments for Developer Contributions by Four Marks Parish Council had still not been paid.


A copy of the email to Mr Alasdair Tweddle, Developer Contributions Monitoring Officer was handed to the Mr Cynthia Haveron, Committee Services Officer who agreed to raise the concerns with Mr Tweddle.


Alton Community Centre


Mrs Pat Lerew, Chairman of the Alton Community Association addressed the Forum and those District Councillors who represented Alton. She was extremely disappointed about the decision of the Council to cease the partnership funding of Alton Community Association. This meant a reduction in their funding of £6,000 and they had been given only two months’ notice.


She asked why and when had the decision been made and why had there been such a short notice of the decision to the Associations in the District.


In addition, she referred to an email sent to all District Councillors that day by Cllr J Butler, Deputy Leader and Customer Relations Portfolio Holder.


In reply the Chairman said that he could not add anything to the statement in the email.


Mrs Lerew said that the email stated that the Associations could ask the Councillors for support from their Delegated Community Grants. However, she had always understood that these were for projects and not for revenue funding.


In reply it was confirmed that in the past these had not covered operating costs, some consideration was being given to relaxing the rules and it was a personal choice of the Councillor.


Cllr Joy said that the decision had been as much of a surprise to local Councillors as it had to Mrs Lerew and they had not been involved on the discussions or decision.


Mrs Lerew informed the Forum that the Association had to reassess the way it helped vulnerable people in the Community. How did they continue without the funding and asked for the assistance of local Councillors to help fight this decision. She was concerned that that the Association could cease to work in less than two months.


Urgent Item pdf icon PDF 60 KB

To note the following urgent decision taken in accordance with the Councils Standing Orders and reports to Community Forum Alton & Surrounding Villages for information.


Four Marks Parish Council – up to the sum of £44,734.69 to fund the Oak Green Parade Improvement Project.


For Noting


It was RESOLVED that the SO46 be NOTED.