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56832/001/HSE/RV - 41 Bulls Copse Lane, Horndean, Waterlooville, PO8 9RA

Retention of boundary wall (as amended by plans received 12.06.17 omitting proposed vehicular gates)


Retention of boundary wall (as amended by plans received 12.06.17 omitting proposed vehicular gates)


The Planning Officer introduced the item and explained that the wall had been completed in the early part of 2014.  She displayed an aerial photograph of the site, along with photographs of the previous and current walls, the street scene and elevation plans. 


The recommendation was for approval.


Mr Matthew Spalding spoke as the applicant. 


He and his family felt strongly that their planning application for the retention of their front boundary wall should be permitted.


With regard to privacy, their main garden was at the front of the property immediately behind this boundary wall and being a 1970’s property, the two front downstairs windows were each 12 feet wide, so privacy from the street was very important to their recreational and internal living.


The boundary wall improved their property and was a vast improvement to the original crumbling wall that needed replacing.  The replacement wall was of a similar height to the original and had no impact on neighbouring properties.  This had been verified by neighbours comments and opinions, both to them and the Planning Department.  Some of the positive comments received had been from residents who had lived on the street for more than 25 years.


The wall was appropriate to the character of the area and this had been a consideration whilst designing it.  The street was very varied with no house or boundary the same and in fact even in this same street there were front boundary walls that exceeded 1m in height and, in their opinion, were less pleasing to the eye, which hadn’t had to seek planning permission.  He felt that the wall has improved the look of their property from the street and was aesthetically pleasing, whilst still providing open views into the property.


He therefore hoped that the committee agreed with his views and permitted the application.


Cllr Evans opened the debate as the ward councillor.  He had requested that this item be considered by the committee because fences greater than one metre required planning permission.  Whilst officers had on balance deemed this application to be acceptable, he disagreed and stated that applications such as this had routinely be refused.  The granting of planning permission for this application could set a precedent and result in the area developing an urban street scene, with two metre tall fences on either side of the road. 


Other similar applications in the area had been amended to afford open views, or refused.  No similar applications had been approved. The previous wall had included decorative concrete blocks that allowed views into and out of the property.  When asked, the applicant had refused to substitute the fence panels in the new wall with trellis.


The wall did not comply with Policy CP29 or the Horndean Village Design Statement, which stated that boundary treatments should be in keeping with the area.  Cllr Evans did not know of anywhere in Horndean where two metre tall walls were a feature of the street scene.  If approved, this application posed a serious risk of setting a precedent and he therefore believed that it should be refused.


The committee noted that no negative representations had been received, that other properties in the area had hedges of a similar height and felt that the replacement wall was an improvement over the previous wall.


The committee voted on the officer’s recommendation for permission.


Following the vote, the recommendation was declared CARRIED, 13 Councillors voting FOR permission, 1 Councillor voting AGAINST permission and no Councillors ABSTAINING from voting.


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