Agenda item

Budget 2018/19

Report attached.


Councillor Cowper, as Finance Portfolio Holder, presented the draft Revenue and Capital Budget 2018/19 and Medium Term Financial Strategy 2022/23 for onward recommendation to Council. 


Councillor Cowper highlighted the key messages in the report in that there would be no increase in Council Tax in 2018/19, movements from reserves reflected known liabilities that had been earmarked and planned for, and the favourable position with regard to the general reserves. 


Cllr Cowper and the Leader both took the opportunity to thank the s151 Officer, the Finance Team and Heads of Service for the considerable work undertaken to review all service budgets and ensure a balanced budget for 2018/19.


(A)         RESOLVED that:


(1)          The current Fees and Charges Schedule as agreed on 26 September 2017 (Appendix J to the report) be noted;

(2)          A minimum increase of 1.5% be applied in 2018/19 to those fees and charges that are not otherwise constrained by statute, to be determined by the Chief Finance Officer in consultation with the Finance Portfolio Holder;


(B)         RECOMMENDED to full Council that:


(1)          The proposed Revenue and Capital Budgets for 2018/19 including a Council Tax rate of £131.11 at Band D, representing a 0% increase in the current charge; and

(2)               The Treasury Management Strategy and Prudential Indicators be agreed.

Supporting documents: