Agenda item

The East Hampshire District Council Local Plan Review 2017 - 2036

Appendices and Background Papers circulated under separate cover.


Councillor Glass presented a report to Cabinet seeking a recommendation to full Council for the draft Local Plan 2017-2036 to be published for a six-week public consultation period.  She highlighted the importance of having an up to date Local Plan and explained the engagement that had taken place to date with District Councillors and Town and Parish Councils.


Cabinet commended the work that had been undertaken on the draft plan and explained that it had been drafted to embrace the housing challenges set by Government in a skilful way to take into account infrastructure and jobs.  Extensive communications would be carried out to promote the consultation to engage as many people as possible and maximise the number of responses.


Cabinet noted that the Local Plan would only cover the parts of the District outside of the South Downs National Park (SDNP) and in response to questions was advised that the Council liaised regularly with the South Downs National Park Authority to ensure that the Local Plans aligned as much as possible.


With regard to Gypsies and Travellers, the starting point was a Gypsy and Travellers Housing Needs Assessment.  It was important to look at the current and future need before identifying sites that would be suitable.


RECOMMENDED to Council that:


a)    the draft Local Plan 2017-2036 be approved for publication for the purposes of public consultation; and


b)    a 6-week period of public consultation on the draft Local Plan be approved from 5 February 2019.

Supporting documents: