Meeting documents

Licensing Committee
Friday, 2nd June, 2006

Minutes of a meeting of the Licensing Committee held in the Council Chamber, Penns Place, Petersfield on Friday 2nd June, 2006 at 10:00.

Meeting Chairman:Cllr W V Womack
Meeting Vice-Chairman:Cllr Ms P J Bradford

Members of Committee in attendance:
Cllr R Ayer  Cllr Ms P J Bradford
Cllr Allan B Chick  Cllr T Costello
Cllr Mrs D K Denston  Cllr B O Dickinson
Cllr K J Graham  Cllr S C James
Cllr Mrs J A Onslow  Cllr P Rodgers
Cllr Sqn Ldr G G Whittle DFM  Cllr W V Womack

Members of Committee NOT in attendance
Cllr Mrs A C James  

EHDC Officers in attendance
Legal Services Manager  Principal Licensing Officer
Committee & Members' Services Co-ord.  

Documents for Download:Embedded document Licensing Committee Minutes - 2 June 06.doc (64.5Kb)

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