Agenda and draft minutes

Joint Human Resources Committee - Wednesday, 16th October, 2019 2.00 pm

Venue: Council Chamber, Penns Place, Petersfield, GU31 4EX. View directions

Contact: Holly Weaver  Democratic Services Assistant

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Apologies for Absence

To receive and record any apologies for absence.


Apologies for absence were received from Councillors J Branson, P Davies, Mrs G Robinson and I Scott.


Declarations of Interest

To receive and record any declarations of interests.


There were no declarations of interest.


Confirmation of Minutes

To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on 18th September 2019.


RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting of the Joint Human Resources Committee held on 18 September 2019 be approved as a correct record.


Data Protection Policy Update pdf icon PDF 81 KB

Additional documents:


The Information Governance Manager (DPO) introduced the report. 


The Data Protection Policy formed part of a suite of policies and procedures relating to Information Governance that would be provided to staff and Councillors.  The policy would help to ensure staff understood that there could be repercussions if they were not looking after personal information as they should such as disciplinary action or referring incidents to the Police.


In response to a question as to how to monitor that staff knew and understood the policy, it was confirmed that all staff undertook annual refresher training.


When asked whether Councillors were data controllers the Information Governance Manager (DPO) confirmed that they were.  Councillors were responsible for how they looked after their constituents’ information. 


Some Councillors expressed their concern if they set up an out of office on their emails, their home addresses were in the public domain.  The Officer would take this away from the meeting to consider.


RESOLVED that the Joint Human Resources Committee approve the update to the Data Protection Policy.


Learning and Development Strategy and Policy pdf icon PDF 81 KB

Additional documents:


The Head of Organisational Development introduced the report.  The Learning and Development (L&D) Strategy would be in the same format as the Organisational Development Strategy and she was keen to ensure that it would be accessible, simple and staff could read and understand the aims of the document.


It was commented that the ability to retain staff was also very important and therefore, page 47 of the report, paragraph 1.2 of the L&D Policy should be amended to read ‘The Council aims to attract, develop, promote and retain…’  The Head of Organisational Development also confirmed that a further bullet point could be incorporated into the L&D Strategy to capture this.


In response to a question raised as to how that fitted within the Performance Management Structure, it was confirmed that within that, there was a requirement for managers to discuss with their teams what their needs were and identify any training.  The corporate L&D offer had been procured for three years from this year. 


It was RESOLVED that further to the addition identified relating to retaining staff, the Joint HR Committee approved the Learning and Development Strategy and Policy.


Gender Pay Gap Report 2018-19 pdf icon PDF 148 KB

Additional documents:


The Head of Organisational Development introduced the report and advised that the gender pay gap had been reported for the last two years.  There was a statutory requirement for EHDC to report this as they employed over 250 staff.  HBC were not required to as it was under this threshold, but voluntarily provided the information as it was good practice.


Whilst there was a gender pay gap, the Head of Organisational Development stressed that there was not a pay equality issue.  The gender pay gap was mainly as a result of where people were positioned in the salary structure.  Due to small staffing numbers, any slight shift resulted in the figures changing more so than if there were a much higher number of employees.


Clarification was sought regarding the opening sentence of paragraph 4.2, page 56 ‘Potential savings could also result from a reduced number of formal flexible working requests…’  It was confirmed that flexible policies were in place and that it may be possible to introduce further opportunities for flexible working such as a job share or consider whether a role needed to be completed as full-time.


It was suggested that more of a contrast of colours be used in the report in order to make it clearer to view.  It was very pleasing to see that the Local Authorities were below the benchmark.


The committee commended the document and found that the presentational format was very good.


RESOLVED that the revised format of the gender pay gap reports that had been attached at Appendix A (EHDC) and Appendix B (HBC) be approved.


Review of Politically Restricted Posts pdf icon PDF 96 KB

Additional documents:


The Head of Organisational Development introduced the report advising of a revised list of politically restricted posts and policy.  Staff in these posts would be written to in order to ensure that they were clear as to what they should/should not be doing and that they must act with neutrality.  It had previously been held as a policy within the Legal team and had been moved to HR to control and update.


A comment was made as to whether some members of staff in those job roles were currently affiliated with any political parties.  The Officer would raise this with the Monitoring Officer to discuss this further and how this information could be ascertained.


It was noted that the recommendation in paragraph 2.2 of the report did not make reference to Appendix 2 and it was agreed that this be amended.


Following the discussion, it was RESOLVED that the review of the politically restricted posts was agreed and the policy and lists of posts in Appendix 1 and Appendix 2 be approved.