Agenda item

Taxi and Private Hire Licensing Policy

Report of the Licensing Team Leader, enclosed.




Mike Smith, Licensing Team Leader, introduced the report and outlined all of the major changes proposed in detail.


The committee agreed to the following amendments to the draft Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Licensing Policy Statement (additional wording added in italics and deleted wording is struck through):


·      Page 14, final paragraph to read ‘Applicants should also be aware of the law and serious risk posed by driving whilst using a mobile phone.’


·      Page 18, the second paragraph 12.11 to be renumbered 12.12; and


·      Page 21, first bullet under paragraph 13.7 to read ‘All road tyres must be at the correct manufacturers recommended pressure when used on the road.’


Following the discussion it was RESOLVED that the draft policies and conditions enclosed in the appendices to the report, as amended, be APPROVED for public consultation.

Supporting documents: