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Purpose of committee

EHDC runs on a 'Leader and Cabinet' model. This works in the same way as the Prime Minister and Cabinet but on a local scale. The political party which has had the most councillors elected by the public forms the cabinet, and elects one of its members as the Leader.

This model was adopted in East Hampshire after the Local Government Act 2000. Following consultation with local people, 84% of respondents felt EHDC should introduce a Leader and Cabinet model, and it was adopted in June 2001.


The Cabinet makes collected policy decisions for the council. Each Cabinet Member is responsible for an area of the Council's work, known as portfolios.


The Cabinet will be advised and supported in its policy formulation role by Panels with particular areas of responsibility and encompassing a broad range of opinion and expertise. In addition it is advised by a number of committees.

The Cabinet has to make decisions which are in line with the council's overall policies and budget. If it wishes to make a decision which is outside the budget or policy framework, this must be referred to the council as a whole to decide.


Contact information

Support officer: Jenni Harding. Democratic Services Team Leader - 02392 446234

Phone: 02392 446234