How East Hampshire District Council Works


 East Hampshire District Council is made up of 43 councillors elected every four years. Councillors are democratically accountable to the residents of their ward. The overriding duty of councillors is to the whole community, but they have a special duty to their constituents, including those who did not vote for them. 

All councillors meet together for full council meetings six times a year. These are held in public, and are used to decide the council's overall policies and set the budget each year.

Chairman of EHDC

The first council meeting of the year (held in May) is devoted largely to appointing the Council Chairman and agreeing membership of committees and council representatives on outside bodies.

Political Composition

The current political composition of the council is: 

How decisions are made

EHDC runs on a 'Leader and Cabinet' model. This works in the same way as the Prime Minister and Cabinet but on a local scale. The political party which has had the most councillors elected by the public forms the cabinet, and elects one of its members as the Leader.

This model was adopted in East Hampshire after the Local Government Act 2000. Following consultation with local people, 84% of respondents felt EHDC should introduce a Leader and Cabinet model, and it was adopted in June 2001.

In this section you can access a wide range of information and documents relating to the council’s decision making processes, find out about forthcoming Council meetings and decisions and obtain details for your local political representatives.

Committee meeting information

Information regarding Council, Cabinet and committee meetings. You can find the agendas, minutes of previous meetings, as well as officer reports discussed at previous meetings. Information is also provided on dates of future meetings, and issues that will be discussed in future.

Elected representatives

Details of this Council’s MPs, MEPs, Councillors and County Councillors

How to get involved

It is possible to Subscribe to Updates in order to receive information via e-mail regarding particular issues and committee meetings

Filming and Recording Meetings of the Council

East Hampshire District Council is committed to being open and transparent in the way it conducts its business. The press and members of the public are therefore welcome to film, photograph or record decision making in action at any East Hampshire District Council meeting that is open to the public.

The Council also welcomes the use of social media, such as bloggers, tweeters, Facebook and YouTube users.

The Council has adopted a Protocol, which provides practical information to assist anyone considering filming, videoing, photographing, and/or making audio recordings of meetings or using social media during open Council meetings.

Outside bodies

Contact details for the Council’s representatives on Outside Bodies

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